International Visitors Program

Welcome to the International Visitors Program with our man of God; Prophet Meek Banda. Please note that the International Visitors Program is only available on for International Visitors and its strictly by a reserved / booked appointment. If you reside in South Africa or you are already in South Africa, please be encouraged to book for the Local Visitors Program to reduce the load of the Church in arranging for accommodation and transportation for visitors. Fill out the form below to make your reservation. Our Team will send you the date and time of your appointment after your Offering Payment has reflected in the Church Account. This Program is valued at $500 / R7500 per per person, per booking.

    Please take note that the Prophet and the Church Administrative Team has the right to either accept or reject your International Visitors Application. After a successful application, you shall receive a letter/ Email of acceptance together with the date, time and a set of instructions before making your arrangements to come to South Africa for the International Visitors Program. Should you receive an email of rejection after payment, please note that the Church will issue a notice of refund which will be processed within 7 to 21 working days. 


    Select this option to book and reserve your appointment with the Verified Prophet of Jesus Christ for your relationship / courtship therapy or counseling.

    MARRIAGE COUNSELING - $200 / R2500

    Select this option to book and reserve your appointment with the Verified Prophet of Jesus Christ for your marriage issues / therapy or counseling.

    BUSINESS/ VIP /POLITICAL - $1000/ R13500

    Select this option if you want to book and reserve your appointment with the Verified Prophet of Jesus Christ concerning Business, VIP or Political issues.


    Select this option to book and reserve your appointment with the Verified Prophet of Jesus Christ. You will be scheduled to speak to the Prophet on a WhatsApp or Telegram Call.


    Select this option if you reside in South Africa. You will need to have your own Transport, Food, Accommodation to meet the Prophet of Jesus Christ Face to Face.


    Select this option if you reside outside South Africa or you want to be under the care of Word-Manna Church workers and Administration throughout your visit.


    The Prime Visitors Program is an initiative that has been established to meet the demands of the people who want to get in contact with our man of God. Since most people that want to meet our father in the Lord are not part of Word-Manna Church or the Holy-Word-Jesus Ministries, and mostly contribute nothing to the church; the Prophet decided that all the people who are not financial Partners of the Church should make a contribution to the Church before setting up any appointment with him. If you want to become our monthly financial partner, please click here to get started or select “Give” in the top or Footer menu on this website. However, those that cannot manage to support the church financially should leave their prayer request on the church WhatsApp/Telegram Number. They can also leave their prayer request by sending an email to “” or “” . 


    There are Six Types of Prime Visitors Program namely;

    1. Online Visitors Program – $150 / R2000: Exclusive to WhatsApp and Telegram Video calls. This is strictly by appointment. No WhatsApp/ Telegram Audio calls allowed. Only video calls. Please remember that this is a temporally program to cover up for the travelling challenges after the pandemic and it can be discontinued at any time the number of the local and the international visitors program surge.
    2. Local Visitors Program – R2000: This is exclusive to only South African residents. If you have your own transport, accommodation and food arrangements please book for the Local Visitors Program. The Prophet and the Church will NOT offer you a place to sleep before or after the appointment. This is also open to any nationality residing in South Africa.
    3. International Visitors Program – $500 / R7500: People from all walks of life residing outside South Africa should choose this option. The Church will take care of all your needs during your visit. This program is also open to South Africans who reside outside Gauteng province and wants to be under the care of the Church during their visit.
    4. Relationship Counseling – $150 / R1500: If you are in serious relationship and you need some help with your courtship, please book an Appointment for a relationship counseling and therapy with our man of God; Prophet Meek Banda. It is valued at $150 for people outside South Africa and R1500 for everyone residing in South Africa. The Prophet and the Church will NOT carter for your costs in this program.
    5. Marriage Counseling – $200 / R2500: Book and reserve your marriage counseling / couples therapy with our man of God, Prophet Meek Banda. This session is valued at $200 for everyone outside South Africa and R2500 for everyone residing in South Africa. Remember that the Prophet and the Church will NOT carter for your accommodation or any costs incurred. 
    6. Business/ VIP / Political Consultation $1000 / R13500: This is program, has been established to carter for High Profile Business men, High Profile Entrepreneurs, VIP Guests, Public Figures, Celebrities and Political Figures. Remember that the Prophet and the church will NOT carter for your accommodation and any costs.


    1. Naaman and Prophet Elisha: In the book of 2Kings chapter 5, we see a man named Naaman Visiting Elisha for healing. Naaman brought some gifts for the Prophet as it was required. The Prophet didn’t have time to meet him, but sent an instruction through his servant to tell Naaman to go and deep himself in the river Jordan three times for healing. 
    2. Saul and Prophet Samuel: In the book of 1 Samuel chapter 9, we see Saul and his servant searching for donkeys. They decided to meek the Prophet of which they took some gifts to give to the man of God. No one was allowed to meet a Prophet without a gift. The servant provided the gifts and went ahead to meet the Prophet. In search of donkeys, he was anointed a king. You might want to meet the prophet for something else and yet God might reveal another greater thing in your life.
    3. Apostle Paul and Prophet Agabus: There was a time when Apostle Paul had to meet with Prophet Agabus. The Apostle was told by the Prophet that he was going to be arrested if goes to Jerusalem. The word of the Prophet came to pass. Scriptural reference; Acts chapter 21.
    4. Elisha and the three Kings: In the book of 2 Kings chapter 3, we see the three Kings seeking help from a Prophet of God before going for battler. The man of God prophesied to them. The only mistake they made was offering the Prophet nothing. Their counterparts offered the son of the King and God was angry against them. 

    Looking at the above posted examples, we answer the reason why you should sow a seed before meeting our Father in the Lord. We do not sell prayer or prophecies, it is simply a biblical prophetic principle. God bless you as you decide to get in touch with our man of God; Prime-Major Prophet Meek Banda.

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