1 ON 1 Appointment

To book an appointment with Prophet Meek Banda, please visit the official Meek Banda (PhD) Website and Book an Appointment by pressing the “Appointment” option on the top header menu. You can book an appointment to meet Prophet Meek Banda for Prophetic Guidance, Direction, Career Guidance, Business Mentorship, Ministry Issues, Political Issues, Marriage Counseling and any related challenge you are facing in life.

You can talk to the Prophet on a Face to Face encounter, WhatsApp Video Call, Telegram Video Call, Zoom or the Google Meet App. Please note that the 1ON1 sessions are only for those who are NOT Part of Word-Manna Church or are NOT Financial Partners of the Church. All Word-Manna Church members and Financial Partners of the Church can talk to the Prophet without having to sow a financial seed. All Word-Manna Church and Spiritual protocols must be observed.

NB: Please note that all 1ON1 meetings are the Prophet’s personal initiative to reach out to those who are not his spiritual sons and daughter and also those who are not the Church Financial Partners, hence everyone is required to sow a seed (Pay a Non-Refundable Fee) as required in the Holy Bible. Every verified prime son and daughter of the Prophet including Financial Partners of the Church are NOT required to pay anything to speak to the Prophet either on phone or face to face after the church. All protocols must be observed.

Our Church Divisions and Web Links

Here are the web links and all our Church Divisions as of 2022. Please click on any of the links below to access the website of your choice;